He definitely ranks to the techno scene and creates his own new electronic music style. All tracks are inspired by Minimal-, Chicago- and of cause Detroit Techno. The mixture is the essence.
Thoughtfulness together with a welcome variety provides you with a lot of flexibility in interpretation. Groovy, powerful and inordinately facets of different styles, that are facts describing the essence of every single track.


    Thomas Schneider

    Since Thomas Schneider came across techno for the first time in 1996, his life has largely been determined by
    electronic music. Born in Magdeburg, he not only became famous in his hometown as a DJ
    butwas also a productive part of numerous crewsand set up many events.
    The extravagant parties of Brishni-Brashni, Aktion Audio or his Kurzschluss Events in the Sackfabrik in Magdeburg were popular
    far beyond the city boundaries. At the same time, Thomas Schneiderpolished his own sound.
    After initial trips to Schranz and Brighton, he moved back to Goa to carry on with impulsive techno.
    His sets inspired both the central German floors and the neighboring European countries.
    A few years ago, Thomas moved to Berlin to study audio engineering and settled there.
    The charismatic DJ and producer now benefits from his musical openness from the early years.
    Genre boundaries are alien to him. From behind the decks, his eyes always observe the dance floor.
    Everything that is fun, moves you and gets you moving is played:
    from thoughtful dream sequences up to an emotional take-offconsisting of breaks and cuts.


      Oliver Rosemann

      Oliver Rosemann is a DJ and Producer based in Leipzig germany. With recent appearances on Pole Group, MORD, Stockholm LTD or Konsequent Records, Oliver is turning heads lately in his ongoing solo career. His sound is timeless techno without classic stereotypical thinking.



        The music of MasCon comes with influences of the raw Techno from the early 90ies mixed up with a modern touch. Nowadays he fall back into the use of old analog synthesizers and a modular system which makes the sound flexible in his own nature. Hard and dry Techno with a breeze of effects is the typical sound MasCon today.


          Fimir Secret Artist

          more information soon!


            DJ T.A.G.

            Since 2007 there has been Dj T.A.G. integral part in the legendary Club Tresor / Germany and presented there his sound to the people from around the world. His Dark Techno Sound pushes the masses is the only way ahead of him. A mix of Dark Noise and Sounds that seem to get thrown out of the underworld with every tear dancers. Simply Structured track concepts with a certain something give his music on the floor that certain something.


              Chris Hardt

              Chris Hardt aka Toni Brokkoli alias Toni Mineo came in contact with electronic music in 2005. Who could have known that this moment would change his life?
              Since then, Chris has had many prominent happenings and is now leading an honorable way. But it was a long way from his first DJ gigs in local clubs, to become a music producer and eventually head of an independent label named Teja.
              His success has been achieved by working disciplined, always keeping an open mind and of course his distinctive music style, which has been de- veloped through various music in uences.
              When he released his rst Ep “Brokkolante”, it became No 1 on the Buzz Sale Charts at Moreover, the well known Faze Magazine gave him a perfect score of ten points and judged: “Brokkolante scored by using a dro- ning synth, like an alarm siren. It shoots the adrenalin directly in the blood- stream and catapults the audience to Ecstasy.” His work was even praised by the editor Arkus P.
              All the positive feedback gave him the motivation to continue his work and to complete his rst solo album, taking his skills to the next level.
              A er seven years of hard work, his album was published in May 2014. e mysterious name “Black Knight Satellite” was chosen deliberately, to cha- racterize the unique sound of the album. e experts of the Faze Mag must have noticed that as well, as they wrote in their record review:
              “ e sound is literally not from Earth”.
              However, it’s not Chris’ attitude to rest on his laurels. at’s why the musi- cian from Kempten completed his second Album “Independent Art” in just ve months. A er a dark, driving techno album he decided to make a highly melodic house album this time. It was published under his second pseudo- nym: “Toni Mineo”.
              No matter if it is for a production or live performance, Chris takes his lis- teners on a journey through the in nite cosmos of electronic music. With his years of experience on stage, he has developed an excellent feeling for the audience. In combination with his vast musical repertoire, he can get the party started in any club and can spread enthusiasm within any crowd. Whether as Dj or Liveact, House or Techno, with other musician friends or alone ...
              Chris guarantees his guests an unforgettable night.


                Berk Offset

                It seems to be more than difficult to bundle all the interests and activities of this friendly German guy, because Rainer Maria Silke has too many faces to do so. Playing live with his
                massive digital/hardware gear and dj-ing exclusively with vinyl since end of the 90’ies all across Europe, USA and Canada he had the chance to form and discover the sweet lil facettes
                of electronic music. From hidden sound scape projects (esp. the worldwide connected nekton falls project) over his techno and break core dj project “error” to the well known hardware
                live act “cannibal cooking club” he is the man for the freaky and innovative side of danceable music.

                  Ben Shine

                  Ben Shine

                  Ben Shine, well known for his collaboration with Michael Kohlbecker and Indja Virgadamo as „Ear Spankers“ and his own label „La Bohème Recordings“, is focussed on synchronizing people’s behavior to an underlying rhythm. With his first release on dj pierre’s Bambule Records in 2012 he started his ambitions as a producer, and is now delivering a wide range of different influences, collected in many years of dancing in clubs. The upcoming release „liegende acht“ is a hard and massive floor-breaker, with a smile on the lips and an synth-line, which reminds on nights many moons ago. This record will never come to an end - check it out! His past releases were supported by Artists like Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Anthony Rother, Animal Trainer, Ramon Tapia, Swayzak, Someone Else, Chris Fortier, Stacey Pullen, The Brooklyn Times, Sam Divine and many more and got published on labels like Bambule, Schallwellen, Nachtexpress and La Bohème.


                    Ascon Bates

                    Since early childhood ascon bates is deep in music, just as his ancestors did it. Sometime in the 90's he got caught in electronic music with all its facets. Today he is a guarantor for straight forward techno. for years he published technotracks on various labels under many aliases, since 2007 he is a fixed component of the 9volt-family and label manager at "solid rush records" and its sub-label "drug machine inc". The love to detroit techno is unmistakable in his sets.