Mrz 22

Chris Hardt

Chris Hardt!!! He is the head of the label at Teja records and has been well-known for some time. Stylistically, he is flexible and always has surprises in store. He started a new podcast with us, just wonderful!!!

Jan 17

Welcome 2017!!!

Even if one hears absolutely nothing from uktura for a while, there is still work taking place. And, indeed, things are happening again.

Fimir?!! Very little is known about this artist, he prefers to keep a low profile. His tracks speak for themselves, and we look forward to the coming releases on our label!

Mai 11

Stufe 2 EP

We hereby announce our second record, “Stufe 2 EP” on UKTURA Records. We also welcome two new, well-known producers “Ascon Bates” and “Thomas Schneider”, who have already put records on the market through various labels. The record gets the usual backing by “UKT APA” and “DJ T.A.G. Tresor Berlin”. The first album already showed a mixture of various stylistic influences with its five tracks.
The four tracks of “Stufe 2 EP” are oriented in very different directions. However, they all lie in the scope of techno. This record will also polarise and target a specific audience with unvarnished techno. The record is already available in advance sale on “”. We are looking forward to receiving feedback from all those who have already bought the record or are planning to buy it.

Mai 01

New Podcast

The Podcast Number 5 goes online with none other than “Ascon Bates”. His set gives you a good idea of how varied and flexible his own productions can be and how creatively techno can be implemented. Way to go!

Feb 05


In 2015, we directly start with two new podcasts.
Our newcomer Thomas Schneider presents his DJ set according to our taste. Almost a little creepy, the tracks of his DJ set create the right atmosphere for the gloomy club culture.
To cap it all off UKT APA, our resident DJ from the very beginning, presents us a new and lengthy vinyl-techno mix. The records of his DJ set have all appeared rather recently;current stuff with a touch of „old school“. Way to go!